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Our vision is to develop methodologies for designing intelligent autonomous decision-making systems that are secure and resilient against malicious adversaries and natural failures.


Our research incorporates elements from cybersecurity, control theory, optimization and machine learning, reinforcement learning, game-theory and networked / distributed systems. You can find an overview of some of our research themes at our Research page.

Scientific environment

We are a dynamic research group at the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Sweden. We exchange ideas and work with our colleagues from the several of the Department’s research areas, namely Cybersecurity, AI, Data Science, and Control Systems. We also have ongoing collaborations with our neighboring Department of Electrical Engineering. We are driving local research initiatives related to cybersecurity, through the Graduate School in Cybersecurity and the Cybersecurity Arena.

We are looking for driven new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team (more info) !

Our support

We are grateful for funding from Uppsala University, VR (Starting Grant and Project in Societal Security), and from an SSF Future Research Leaders Grant.


13 March 2022

Sribalaji C. Anand has received the Liljewalch travel scholarship to support his research visit to Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, June 2023.

03 March 2023

Our three recent papers have been accepted to the IFAC World Congress 2023, Yokohama, Japan. They investigate problems in security and privacy via dynamic masking, optimal detector placement, and detection of delay attacks. See their details at Publications.

15 February 2023

We have 1 Postdoc position focusing on Secure Learning and Control, deadline on March 15.

08 February 2023

We have 1 Postdoc position in Automatic Control focusing on Resilience in Large-Scale Critical Infrastructures, deadline on March 15.

31 January 2023

(Closed) We have 1 PhD position in Automatic Control focusing on Secure Learning and Control, deadline on February 28. See the PhD ad for how to apply!

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